You’re More than a Patient – You’re Family!

Kottemann Orthodontics has been providing high quality, excellent care for more than 60 years and with three generations. Drs. William, Kraig and Scott Kottemann care for their orthodontic patients in Plymouth, Minneapolis, Maple Grove, Watertown, Chaska and Orono, Minnesota and their surrounding areas. At Kottemann Orthodontics, we believe you are more than just a patient, you are part of the family.

We want you to find your most beautiful smile, and you can count on us to get it there. From metal braces to Invisalign braces and other cosmetic options, we are proud to treat each and every patient.

Why do you we care and why is orthodontic treatment important?

Having healthy teeth means there is a lesser chance of developing other health problems. When your teeth are straight, it’s much easier to keep them clean and healthy. We want to make sure your teeth are in optimal condition and health.

Straight teeth also give you a beautiful smile. A smile that you can be proud of and have confidence in. When you are happy with your appearance, you will have a better quality of life and can smile with pride. We want our patients to have the best quality of life.

We do what we can for our family, which means we will do everything we can for our patients to help them with their orthodontic conditions.

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