Kottemann Orthodontics team member Kim


Dental Assistant

Kimberly is one of our licensed dental assistants, and she's one of our longest-serving staff members, having been here almost twenty years.

A firm believer that you're only ever as old as you act, Kimberly keeps the whole office young at heart! When she's not helping to create lasting smiles, she travels and hangs out with her husband and dogs.

Kottemann Orthodontics team member


Dental Assistant

From dance teacher to dental assistant, Ashley has been with us for the last six months, and we love having her smile around the office! Not only is she a hard worker, she's also in school to complete her Associates of Science degree.

There's not a lot of time leftover between work and studying, but when she does free up some spare moments, there's no one she'd rather spend it with than her son, Levi.  

Kottemann Orthodontics team member Kari


Treatment Coordinator & Dental Assistant

Kari has been a part of our team since 2001, and is currently a treatment coordinator and licensed dental assistant. She puts a little bit of love into everything she does, and her compassionate approach to patients is something we all appreciate.

As one of the most creative members of our team, Kari is into scrapbooking, card making, and gardening when she's not in the office. She's also looking forward to learning to sew soon.

Kottemann Orthodontics team member Jenna


Treatment Coordinator

Jenna is one of our treatment coordinators, and has kept us laughing around the office for almost a decade now! Her desire to be helpful, together with a positive attitude and a fun approach to orthodontics, make Jenna someone we love to have around.

Between work, hitting the gym, and caring for her dogs, she stays busy, but there's always time for her cabin in Northern Minnesota! Outside of the office and the cabin, Jenna enjoys traveling and hanging out with her family, friends, and pups.

Kottemann Orthodontics team member


Dental Assistant

Nicole has been a dental assistant with us for the last five years, and is one of the busiest bees in the office! She makes her mark by keeping herself (and sometimes the rest of us) consistently on task and is a friendly face for both patients and staff.

When she isn't making smiles brighter, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.



Treatment Coordinator

Janell has been a treatment coordinator with us for the last eight months, and her dedication to making sure every patient leaves feeling they've had a positive experience is inspiring.

Her caring approach and faith that things will work out no matter the situation make her a calming presence around the office. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, stopping to smell the roses as often as possible.

Kottemann Orthodontics team member


Clinical Lead & Treatment Coordinator

Lan has been our clinical lead and treatment coordinator since way back in 1996, and is a fixture of the office! Not only does Lan know her way around orthodontics, but she also received her Computer Programming Certification from Brown College. During her downtime, Lan is passionate about traveling, and she loves to spend time on the boat with her family, fishing and swimming.

staff member


Administrative Assistant

Sara joined our team as an administrative assistant in June 2016, and she's our favorite office weirdo, or as she puts it, "I've been running on caffeine and weirdness since 1981."

As one of our former Kottemann patients, Sara is proud of the beautiful smile she sports now thanks to treatment with us, and loves to show it off! She's all about that mom life, but also enjoys knitting and ballet. And coffee. Always coffee.

Kottemann Orthodontics team member


Patient Coordinator

Lisa has been our patient coordinator for the last six years, and we're not sure what we did without her! Staff and patients alike benefit from her emphasis on kindness and her skills when it comes to juggling multiple tasks simultaneously.

Lisa has a positive attitude both in and out of the office. In fact, she was inspired by her recent birthday to become as healthy as she can be to keep herself around as long as possible! When she's not working or at the gym reaching for that goal, she loves spending time with her husband and kids.  

staff member


Dental Assistant

Janice is a certified licensed dental assistant and has been a part of our team since 2015. Her friendly can-do attitude and fun personality make her popular with our patients, and her caring approach never goes unnoticed around the office.

Janice is working on buying a house this year, and when she's not on the clock, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and dog. But her favorite hobby? Metalsmithing!

Kottemann Orthodontics team member


Dental Assistant

Shannon has been one of our licensed dental assistants for three years, but she has more than fourteen years of orthodontic experience. As a former braces patient herself, she knows how transformative a straightened smile can be, and loves helping to create that for others.

Having children the same age as many of our patients gives her a little extra perspective, too! Outside the office, Shannon loves spending time with her family and is hoping to start running this year to train for the Twin Cities 10-miler.

Kottemann Orthodontics team member


Business Manager

As our office manager for six years, Gaye has kept us all running on an even keel. She is our resident multi-tasking master, combining even the smallest of details with big picture clarity. An optimist who doesn't mind her two-hour daily commute, Gaye is also a bit of a Wonder Woman - she jumped out of an airplane to get over her fear of heights!

When she's not in the office, she enjoys spending quiet time in the country with her family, contemplating piano lessons, and helping to give a hand up to people in impoverished nations.

Kottemann Orthodontics team member


Dental Assistant

Molli is one of our licensed dental assistants, and likes to claim she's been with us since "before the turn of the century." She once was a dispatcher for a local hospital, so she can handle the excitement, but she's actually one of our calmest, most soft-spoken team members.

Molli is kind of our office Luna Lovegood - her presence alone seems to help people relax during their appointments! Molli keeps her cool by listening to Jack Johnson and digging in the dirt, and she's pretty sure this is the year she'll beat the slugs in her garden for good.

Kottemann Orthodontics team member


Dental Assistant

Christy is another of our licensed dental assistants. As a big believer in positive energy, she's been bringing good vibes to the office since 2011.

Christy is our social butterfly, and patients love her personality and patience. As a mom of three boys, she doesn't have a lot of spare time outside of work, but when she does, she enjoys spending it with her family and friends.

Kottemann Orthodontics team member


Dental Assistant

Tiffany has worked as a dedicated licensed assistant for Kottemann Orthodontics for over six years.

When she's not working you may find her reading a nice book, getting in a round of golf or tennis, or traveling. She's also an admittedly avid hockey fan.

staff member


Patient Care Coordinator

Samantha has been a patient care coordinator with us since June 2017. While she's a hard worker who is excellent at what she does, we can't lie - her cookie baking skills just keep us coming back for more!

After a morning workout, full day in the office, and classes afterward, Samantha keeps a full schedule, but she hopes to add some traveling into her life soon, especially to Europe and Africa. In her downtime, she loves quiet nights with her boyfriend and fur baby.



With almost 20 years of experience behind her, Christine has been an amazing addition to the Kottemann Orthodontics team. This busy mom of two is always ready to lend a helping hand around the office, and our patients really appreciate that she takes the time to explain what she's doing and why she's doing it.

She has a knack for making anyone feel comfortable as soon as she walks in the room, and loves making people smile! When she's not working or hanging out with her son and daughter, Christine can be found working in her yard, knee-deep in another home improvement project, or entertaining family and friends.

Meaghan headshot


Office Manager

Want to hear a joke about paper? Never mind, it's tearable.

Our new office manager Meaghan not only loves puns, but she's also incredibly good at what she does and we're so excited to have her here!

She's Alaska-made and Minneapolis-raised with a background in education, cosmetology, and even clear aligner technology.

Meaghan knows that team-building is a big part of growing and maintaining a successful business, and she's invested in creating an atmosphere of support and efficiency for our office.

Outside of work, Meaghan enjoys hanging out with her husband and kitten Cannoli, spending time with family and friends, and dreaming about reupholstering amazing old furniture with her sister.