What to Look for in a Maple Grove Orthodontist

Selecting a Maple Grove orthodontist is a lot like finding any other medical professional to care for you or your family. That means, you want someone who not only has the skill and training to offer the very best care, but also someone with compassion and passion for the job.

While there are many options in Maple Grove orthodontist care, the best tend to stand out based on two very distinct traits – training and motivation.

What Kind of Training Matters?

While all orthodontists must complete dental school, obtain certification and licensing, the best go above and beyond by ensuring their education is never complete. To stay on top of new developments and to ensure access to cutting-edge developments, the best also insist on taking part in a number of professional organizations. Important affiliations for topnotch Maple Grove orthodontist professionals include:

  • – American Association of Orthodontists
  • – American Dental Association
  • – Donated Dental Services
  • – Minnesota Dental Association

Highly experienced and passionate orthodontists may also be leaders in the field. That means instead of simply attending advanced training sessions for professionals in the field, they may also be the ones leading them.

What About Motivation?

As it is with any medical profession, the best practitioners are those who not only know the technical aspects of their jobs, but also care about their patients. The best in the field of orthodontics are those who are driven by a deep desire to help patients. Many of the best, in fact, grew up with relatives who were in the field and developed a strong motivation to follow in familial footsteps. If an orthodontist is in the business for the reason of helping others enjoy great smiles, chances are he or she is a great find.

Other Traits to Look For in an Orthodontist

Going to a Maple Grove orthodontist is a lot like picking out any other medical professional. Credentials, of course, matter and so does the level of care provided, but there are some other hallmarks of a great practice to look for. The best offer patients:

  • – Access to educational information so they can make informed, educated choices about care
  • – A variety of treatment options, depending on the unique case at hand
  • – A support staff that’s also driven to provide the very best in care

When it comes to cutting-edge training and a passion for helping others smile brighter, Kottemann Orthodontics excels. Just give us a call today!