Family Orthodontic Care with Dr. Scott Kottemann, DDS

As a practice for family orthodontic care, we really try to embrace that mentality with our patients. We strive to make each patient feel like they are comfortable and at home instead of at an orthodontic office. I am an active member in the community, both personally and professionally. I value the connections I make both at the clinic and within the community.

I am involved in several local study clubs and attend numerous conferences and courses each year to keep current on the most advanced, innovative orthodontic treatment options.

I attended dental school at the University of Michigan and completed my orthodontic residence at the University of Minnesota, where I am also now a faculty member. I am an instructor for the orthodontic residents at the University of Minnesota where I teach clinical skills and biomechanics.

It may not seem like orthodontics can be life-changing for patients, but often times, it is. The personal transformation that I see on a daily basis is what makes providing family orthodontic care such an incredible experience. We see a huge variety of patients from all ages and ethnicities. The diversity of care makes each patient experience that much more enjoyable and unique.

In my free time, I enjoy photography. I also play soccer, enjoy skiing and surfing.

If you’re struggling with some dental work, call our clinic to schedule an appointment. I would love to help in any way I can.